Distracted from distraction

Oh, Ted, how I wish we who are in the field could reach these folks…any ideas?

Dear Sister:

We who live under advanced capitalism are in a precarious position,
“Distracted from distraction by distraction ” as T.S. Eliot wrote in the 4 Quartets.

Given the multifaceted carnival we live under, good people are subjected
to hasbara as the Israelis would call it. They have the megaphones and it is difficult to get any word in much less The Word.

The sad sacks we met who go on pilgrimage after pilgrimage and never meet the living Christ embodied in the suffering are a pathetic marvel to behold.

Even in Benedict’s Verbum Domini he refers to the Holy Land as the 5th Gospel!

Does nobody live there? are they not being humiliated on a daily basis?

Many strides have been taken by the dynamic seeds like you and Bob and others who go and witness and then become witnesses.We are seeing the beginning of the end for Israel as she stands today. “A house divided” etc. The world is catching up. Small consolation I know for those suffering under occupation. The Risen Jesus burst those bounds.We live in hope.

We keep dropping seeds but as our great singer Bruce Cockburn says, “How come history takes such a long time?”


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