Andy Cash Out of Empire towards the Kingdom

Andy Cash left Neil McNeil over 30 years ago but when he left he
had already internalized a deep value system closely alighned with
the liberation perspective (”Out of Empire)” of the Hebrew scriptures
and the radical values of the Sermon on the Mount.His response has
never been the tepid “Lord.Lord” Jesus mocked in Matthew’s gospel (7:21).
It has not been in robotic church attendance but rather in “doing the
will of the Father”, striving for the common good, an end to war making
in our budgets, sensitivity to the poor, real care for the environment, increased foreign aid etc.

I have watched with great adniration his sterling attempts to forge a life
in music which would have great integrity.His lyrics consistently showed
a great understanding of the deleterious effects of advanced capitalism
on ordinary folks.He never lost sympathy for the manifold victims while
living a life of integrity and commitment to the common good.

An autodidact as well as a voracious reader he strove mightily to understand the context he was living and working in. Unlike many others
who went to university to get a passport to the good life, Andy did the intellectual spade work on an ongoing basis in order to cut through society’s blandishments, propaganda and false rewards.He morphed as well into an excellent writer on the urban scene for NOW Magazine.And here he is at 49 and 3 kids running for the NDP in Dovercourt.

I don’t know if he’ll win but I applaud his heroic efforts at making a real difference.We need more grads of Catholic schools like this brother.


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