Obama flaunts international law: USA! USA!

Poor Obama justifying the targetted assassination of bin Laden.A former law professor who preached “international law” telling us we needed to have “our heads examined if we objected” to the extra judicial murder of the has been Osama.

The key to Obama’s press conference was his use of the words “American soil,”

Apparently the lessons of Nuremberg and the principles of the rule of law do not count in America.They can simply murder anybody without bringing him to trial. Very similar to the “only democracy in the Middle East, Israel” who regularly flaunts international law by murdering anybody they want.

I lost much respect for Bill Clinton when he proved how tough he was when he came home to Arkansas when he was running for president in 1992 and pulled the switch on a man named Ricky Ray Rector, a mental defective on death row, a guy who could not tell you what day it was —but hey, Bill was “tough on crime” and the death of another black man did not count.

And now Obama got Osama and tears fell from ther Statue of Liberty.

But what the hell, it means another term for Obama.

And the insult to First Nations, calling the operation Geronimo.Hard to be sensitive in the middle of an empire. USA! USA!



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    skoutajan Says:

    Hi Ted!
    Always enjoy reading in the vinyard while nibbling some grapes or tasting the juice thereof.
    A piece of advice from one who also blogs: Get your wife to edit it and you will find that typos etc disappear. Mine have.


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