A Pro-Union Party? No way says CTV

No! Say it isn’t so! It can’t be! How dare they?

Such was the tenor of the remarks of the Ottawa reporter on a national CTV 11 PM newscast.

Reporting on the NDP filibuster this guy whose name momentarily escapes me reported that the NDP had the actual gall to defend people who made $54,000 and had 7 weeks vacation! His tone was,”What world are these people living in?” Don’t these people know there are unemployed people in Canada and they are lucky to have a job?

Such is the misplaced anger at unions which attempt to insure living wages and decent working conditions. These guys want a race to the bottom.Labour as cheap meat on the hoof, unable to live with dignity in the city—or anywhere in Canada for that matter. Not noticed of course was the Tory move to actually put a lower offer of settlement on the board that the Crown corp did.

The kicker on this guy’s slanted rant was that the NDP was in danger of becoming a “pro-union” party. Now we would not want that, would we?

CTV of course is a private corporation.

It’s one good reason why we need a national broadcaster like the CBC which attempts at least to keep its editorial voice out of news stories.


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