Ugly nationalism

We look at the bizarre antics of the Serbian coward Mladic
before the International Criminal Court and ask where has
the bravado gone, his strutting around the Balkans while
in charge of murder and ethnic cleansing.Now we see the
mad dog barking at the Dutch judge.

Such is the price of ugly nationalism, the evil orchestrated
by Slobodan Milosevic 20 years ago.

In times of crisis as Hitler proved, rational people lose
their centre, look for scapegoats and generally fall for
demagoguery. The United States is perilously close to this now.The appalling parade of Republican candidates ready to take on Obama is frightening.Where are the Bushes, Cheneys and Rumsfelds now? Lining their pockets as ordinary people struggle to pick up the shards of their broken lives,not
knowing where to turn.

Sheep without a shepherd.


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