The spear carrier for the Pax Americana

Can there be any public figure more pathetic than Tony Blair?
Like Clinton, he will come and speak to your group for $100,000 and up.

Shamed over kissing American culo over Iraq, he is now outed in the Murdoch scandal.It is reported his first trip on winning the premiership was to hike off to Australia to genuflect to the Dirty Digger. Murdoch, a man totally devoid of principle, never cared what party he bought and Labour was just fine with him.

He who pays the piper etc and Murdoch managed with Blair to turn the Labour Party into the mushy middle like Clinton’s Democrats. Money as we know corrupts everything.

Perhaps the greatest joke of Blair’s pathetic “international statesman” role was that of Middle East envoy, in fact only Washington’s envoy in this boiling cauldron of festering injustice to the Palestinians. The craven Blair was nothing more than a shill for Israel, almost as bad as Canada’s Stephen Harper.

The brilliant Lebanese reporter Rami Khouri put it best: “Appointing Tony Blair as special envoy for Arab-Israeli peace is something like appointing the emperor Nero as chief fireman of Rome.”


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