Norwegian fundamentalist

Anders Breivik a pathetic Islamophobe who simply could not get used to the fact that not all Norwegians were named OLAF any more. A sad,broken narcissist,replete with military insignia convinced he was saving “Christian” Europe from the Muslim hordes. Every country sports these fundamentalists , shattered by the new world and looking for a pure, uncontaminated abode to live in. Norway had gone to the dogs.Canada may be next in the Muslim takeover.What horseshit.How many Muslims do they know?

These fundamentalists come in many stripes. Unable to deal with modernity and a world shattered largely by right wing economic greedsters, Ayn Rand disciples like Greenspan and Friedman, they do not know where to turn to assuage their confusion and anger.The brown people will do as handy scapegoats if you please.

Catholicism is rife with these fundamentalists.Convinced that the centre is not holding, they grab on to the barque of Peter and engage in popolatry so they will not have to think anymore. They are unable to cope with any anbiguity, any whiff of pluralism, a multi hued world etc.

In the middle are the confused and confusing surfers of the Internet hoping to find some wisdom they are unable to find in religion.And thy pass on to unsuspecting friends Islamophobisc rants, not too distant from the racist antisemitism of 50 years ago. Maybe this will give them pause from forwarding such demeaning crap about the vast majority of Muslims.
What has happened to the world we knew, where everybody in Toronto looked like McNeil.It must be the Muslims.

And into the confusion steps people like MacLean’s Mark Steyn and the Murdoch papers so quick like Fox news to quickly assume another Al Qaida maniac was loose this time in Norway.

Wrong.More like that ex-altar boy Timothy McVeigh.

Christian? Enough to make the nonviolent one weep.


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