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The Fords embarrass Toronto

August 1, 2011

One wonders why good people fell for the feces this millionaire Rob Ford peddled.Toronto has become the laughing stock of Canada because folks did not do “due diligence.”

Royson James who helped create Ford with his incessant and unfair criticism of David Miller now recants.

The “anti-tax” mantra people in Canada thought was an American
mantra has crept across the 49th parallel.The hysterical anti-statist stance which thinks you can have livable cities, not world-class but livable—compassionate and humane without taxes is not living in the real world.

Justice Brandeis (USA) put it best: Taxes are the price we pay for civilization. Canada was blessed by having idiocy to the south. You want no taxes? Move to Mississippi and see what kind of a society you will find.

Ford light, Jim Flaherty has already cost us $18 billion by lowering the corporate tax rate from 18-15% (lowest in G 7) which means the money is not available for other priorities
like extending EI benefits for laid-off workers, investing in infrastructure, or supporting public programs through transfer payments (like health care or education).All of those programs create far more jobs than corporate tax cuts.

James: Toronto wants its vote back

Sat Jul 30 2011
By Royson James
City Columnist

No. No. No. And still no. That’s all Mayor Rob Ford and his executive committee heard from the public for almost 23 hours Thursday, into Friday. Do not take the axe to city services that have made Toronto an enviable place to live.
How many ways can you say no? How about 169 — the number of deputants who overcame obstacles the mayor put in their way to speak out — in verse and rhyme and satire and a puppet show. Only one or two told the mayor to cut away to his heart’s content.

Why are so many people opposed to the mayor’s direction, months after electing him? Where are the supposed majority who want Ford to take the axe to the bloated bureaucracy and too-rich services? Where is Ford Nation? Ford’s Flock? Where’s the average citizen, not belonging to any of those partisan groups, who just wants a healthy, affordable city?