Coren gets crude in Oslo

Michael Coren the bloviating talking head,has almost topped his 2006 rant of Time to Bomb Iran with his staggering remarks about the fundamentalist Muslim hater Anders Brevik in Oslo.

According to Coren the idealistic labour youth gunned down on Utoya Island had been critical of of Israel’s treatment of Palestinians.Shocking! Say it isn’t so somebody critical of modern Israel? How can this be?And so,according to Coren their murders were “ironic.” How so?

Very simple. These callow teens “had shown no empathy at all for Jewish suffering.”


How does Coren know this?

Is he really playing the discredited “Holocaust card”, long used by Likudniks to stem any criticism of a state which consistently ranks at the bottom of least admired states in the world today for their abominable treatment of Palestinians.

Coren recently left us another howler when promoting his latest love affair with the Roman Catholic church. Yes, our man assures us that “Eternal life is found in a relationship with the Roman Catholic church.” Those poor Protestants.Out in the cold again.

I wonder about those kids gunned down in Oslo.They weren’t Catholics either.

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