WIKILEAKS shame Canada and the Vatican

Once ahain
WIKLEAKs shows us the clandestine and hypocritical work of major players in the drama in Haiti. It pulls nack the curtain of nefarious anti-democratic, anti-poor activity of major players including the Vatican.

Wikileaks documents now reveal conclusively the stunning coup against the popularly elected priest Jean-Bertrand Aristide.
The US of course is the leader of this repulsive move against an overwhelmingly popular liberationist priest who put the poor at the head of the line. Aristide was exiled for over 7 years.

The US can not bear another CUBA nearby, an economy with the poor as the central focus.This of course is a gospel imperative. Aristide did it by democratic means gaining an unprecedented 80% of the vote. Then of course his LAVALAS party was shut out and he was spirited out of the country by gunpoint. All with Paul Martin’s approval.

WIKILEAKS show the extraiordinary lengths the US woould go to in their attempts to to thwart the clear will of the Haitian people. They were as desperate as GM was to pin spurious charges against Ralph Nader when he was having a salubrious effect on behalf of the common good in America. They could find nothing on Aristide because there was nothing.

The Vatican hated Aristide because of his liberationist perspective. Canada is quoted in the WIKLEAKS documents as saying that “we are on the same page as the USA.”

Here we have blatant hypocrisy and worse, twisted religion which have flourished in our neoliberal, dystopian world.

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