The hypocrisy of David Cameron

Much verbiage and ink spilled over the riots in England and much worthwhile commentary in several places.
There were some fine links to the Tory prat of a PM who assured Brits that the thugs who did the damage would feel the full brunt of the law.Fine, they should. All you need to know about PM Cameron was he had to return from Tuscany to address the issue.Last year he was hobnobbing on country estates with Murdoch and his minions.

A British comic Nathaniel Tapley pointed this out in a hilarious letter to Cameron’s parents who obviously did not do a good job raising David.Cameron of course hectored the parents of the working class.Tapley’s point as you will read below is that Cameron and his privileged ilk live in another world from those abandoned in the inner cities of the UK, those who will never get to Tuscany.

The riots did succeed in diverting attention to Cameron’s links with Murdoch and the gutter press.

Just let me be clear about this (It’s a good phrase, Mr and Mrs Cameron, and one I looted from every sentence your son utters, just as he looted it from Tony Blair), I am not justifying or minimising in any way what has been done by the looters over the last few nights. What I am doing, however, is expressing shock and dismay that your son and his friends feel themselves in any way to be guardians of morality in this country.

Can they really, as 650 people who have shown themselves to be venal pygmies, moral dwarves at every opportunity over the last 20 years, bleat at others about ‘criminality’. Those who decided that when they broke the rules (the rules they themselves set) they, on the whole wouldn’t face the consequences of their actions?
Are they really surprised that this country’s culture is swamped in greed, in the acquisition of material things, in a lust for consumer goods of the most base kind? Really?
Let’s have a think back: cash-for-questions; Bernie Ecclestone; cash-for-access; Mandelson’s mortgage; the Hinduja passports; Blunkett’s alleged insider trading (and, by the way, when someone has had to resign in disgrace twice can we stop having them on television as a commentator, please?); the meetings on the yachts of oligarchs; the drafting of the Digital Economy Act with Lucian Grange; Byers’, Hewitt’s & Hoon’s desperation to prostitute themselves and their positions; the fact that Andrew Lansley (in charge of NHS reforms) has a wife who gives lobbying advice to the very companies hoping to benefit from the NHS reforms. And that list didn’t even take me very long to think of.
Our politicians are for sale and they do not care who knows it.

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