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Somalia in a topsy turvy world

August 17, 2011

The obscene pics of fellow humans on the cusp of starvation in the Horn of Africa cries out for justice and deep questioning.

It is difficult for any human being in possession of intelligence, faith or reason to logically explain this apocalyptic scenario.

The world seems topsy turvy to many,driving well-meaning but confused people to an apolitcal, dehistoricized faith and politics.

In times of oppression,if you don’t translate choices of faith into political choices, you run the danger of washing your hands, like Pilate said William Soane Coffin.

There are too many hand washers voting for right wing parties who disengage from our seamless world where as Joe Louis once said to Billy Conn, You can run but you can’t hide.We are all one. Ultimately as in the UK,Greece and other places like North Africa, the victims will turn on you.It will not be a pretty sight.

Roman Catholics watch as their benumbed leaders focus on World Youth Days, changes in the liturgy etc while we collectively are busy turning our home into an uninabitable place.

Meanwhile famine stalks the land in Somalia as American hedge fund kleptos earn almost a billion each and the trolls who produced an economic meltdown not seen since the Depression all have their “get out of Jail” card in their pockets.Justice seems blind and non-existent.

Privileged prats like UK PM David Cameron have to inerrupt their Tuscany holidays to come home and lay out a dumb “law and order” policy. No analysis at all.

Finally is there anybody who truly believes that if these starving people were white we would allow this catastrophe to continue?

MLK said it years ago: We can put a cruise missile within 50 feet of its target but we have not found a way to get food into the starving bellies of Africans.

The biggest culprit, the wealthiest nation, the USA can spend billions in ugly immoral wars, lands jets at will in Iraq and Afghanistan, yet…

While Somalia has many problems and we feel almost powerless, we can light a candle and send some coin to

   Care Canada 
                Save The Children Canada
                Oxfam Canada
                Development and Peace (member of Caritas International)
                Canadian Red Cross

CIDA will match your contribution

It is obvious that we need not a market correction but a spiritual correction in the direction of Jesus’ topsy turvy inversion of values he called the malkuth shammayim, the kingdom of God.