Palestinian pizza

The craven US president Barack Obama states that unilateralism is not a good approach in international relations.

In this he is correct. Neither is eating a pizza while arguing over who gets what.

The Palestinians have watched Israel “eating the pizza” while supposedly negotiating. The only problem is, given the drastic asymmetry in power relations—a very powerful state Israel backed by the hegemony the USA has done what it wants with the Palestinians. They do it because they can.

Since 1991 in Madrid Israel has been the unilateral aggressor, consistently moving Israelis into the Occupied Teritories against all international strictures.Simply put, land taken in war must not be occupied.These are resolutions 242 and 338—totally ignored by Israel.There now are 500,000 settlers in Occupied lands. These are “the facts on the ground.”

Not only that more of the pizza was eaten by the Apartheid Wall.Experts reckon 5-10% more stolen land.

The US wrings its hands and does nothing.

Now all of a sudden President Obama and his loyal surrogate Canadian PM Harper have the chutzpah to tell the long-suffering Palestinians we’ll tell you when you can apply for statehood.

Enough is enough. Netanyahu has no intention of negotiating anything.The Palestinians know it and the world knows it.The pizza is slowly being eaten away


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