The embarrassing John Baird

One would have to go back a long way to see as ignorant a foreign minster as Canada’s pit bull, John Baird.

His latest fulminations regarding Israel/Palestine are so over the top and incredulous as to make one wonder what planet Baird lives on.

Check these outrageous comments on the Palestinian chutzpah to ask for statehood after 60 years of occupation

“Just as fascism and communism were the great struggles of previous generations, terrorism is the great struggle of ours. And far too often, the Jewish state is on the front line of our struggle and its people the victims of terror.”

Canada will not accept or stay silent while the Jewish state is attacked for defending its territory and its citizens. The Second World War taught us all the tragic price of ‘going along’ just to ‘get along.”

No mention of Palestinian suffering, humiliation or recipients of the longest occupation in post war history; no mention of consistent crimes against international law.


Tired and confused ranting about Israel as victim!

That’s right.The country with the 5th largest army, backed by nuclear weapons and the mighty US has now in Baird’s mind become poor little David.

And this guy is Canada’s Foreign Minister.


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