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A visit to the Temple

October 5, 2011

Two free tickets took me to Toronto’s Mecca, the ACC the home of our beloved Leafs.I was there to see the extraordinary Pavel Datysuk,the Russian born magician who plays for Detroit. This would be Pavel’s only trip to the ACC. The Wings sat him out and played their Grand Rapids minor league team. I could take but two periods.

The noise, the 30 plus men wearing Leaf jerseys, the constant light shows promoting all forms of consumerism from Smirnoff’s to some law firm crowing about their thousand lawyers etc. The best was an ad for the 407 Highway, the provincial giveaway by the Mike Harris Tories, Ontarians wince when we think of this catastrophic boondoggle which gave us a $200 tax rebate to buy our votes. And we lost the revenues for 100 years.That was it for me.Rejean Tremblay had it right.

The Quebec sportswriter pointed at a sell out crowd in hockey-mad Montreal,

“See these people—they used to be Roman Catholics!”

Pump up the volume! Sell the sizzle not the steak!

Kinetic energy.No time to think.An all out assault on our senses.

Lemme outta here!