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Rob Ford hands McGuinty another term

October 7, 2011

Funny how unintended consequences come back to bite you.

Take the Ontario election.

Tim Hudak, the former junior member of the Mike Harris demolition machine had a big lead going into the 2011 election. But thankfully some citizens have long memories.Hudak is married to Mike Harris’ former chief of staff Deb Hutton and that sent off alarm bells.Nobody ever wants to return to the Harris years—the mocking of front line nurses (“redundant as hula hoops”), the slashing of environmental protection agencies which ensure the health of the common good,the war on teachers and the poor.It was a catastrophic time. The noxious “anti-tax” mantra of the failed state to the south, the USA had crossed the 49th parallel and people who watch way too much TV began to feel enamoured of this shortsighted view that “Taxes are bad.”

Then came the stunning election of Rob Ford, a marginal millionaire whose father was cabinet minister for Harris.Like many millionaires who ride the coat tails of their wealthy parents, Ford with little education and no discernible appreciation of the intricacies of government, rode his simple “gravy train” into office. It record time the people began to understand that he and his equally obtuse brother Doug” Liberries” Ford wore no clothes. The only gravy was on their ample bibs. The millionaires it turned out were not that bright and their wacky ideas were quickly challenged by more thoughtful members of the citizenry who understood that there is a price to pay for a civilized society.It’s called taxes.

The arrogant mayor and his coterie he called “Ford Nation” scared the hell out of Many Torontonians who turned en masse against the Hudak Tories. Veteran Liberal and former member of Columbus Boys Club, Mike Colle put it well. Here’s the Globe Report.

In Eglinton-Lawrence, Mike Colle was elected by a wide margin over star PC candidate Rocco Rossi, the former president of the Liberal Party of Canada. Mr. Colle said he heard about people’s displeasure with Toronto’s mayor “at every door.”

“It basically reminded people what could happen when you get a slash-and-burn approach to government,” said Mr. Colle, whose son, Josh, is a city councillor.

And now Dalton McGuinty himself a Red Tory in drag praises the Lord for “the unintended consequences” of Ford Nation.