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Coors Beer, bad for the common good

October 8, 2011

Thanks to U of T prof for waking Canadians up—again.

Don’t drink Coors!

In my naivete I thought most people knew about this awful beer company and their blinkered support of refressive causes.We knew about them in the 80s when they actively supported Nicaragua’s Contras.Remember them? Attacking schools, health clinics when the Sandinistas finally rid Nicaragua of the American puppet Somoza.Well there were the Coors bros wreaking havoc south of the Mexican border, paying for thugs to ambush and kill civilians.At home they were busting unions.

Nobody I knew would have anything to do with Coors.Besides the beer drikers told me that their product was lousy.

Now professor Jessica Warner has flagged the Beer Store, a private outlet which sells 80% of the beer in Ontario.Good corporate citizens.Recycles those empties, ponies up money for some good causes. And, uh, one other thing The Beer Store is wholly owned and operated by three multinational corporations: Molson Coors, Anheuser-Bush InBev, and Sapporo Breweries Ltd. Coors and Molsons joined together and we’re in the dark about who owns what here.

The good prof reminds us however of the following:

+the Coors family has a long history of funding Republican candidates and causes.A generation ago, it was Joe Coors, whose contributions to Ronald Reagan’s campaigns earned him the moniker of the “Daddy Warbucks of the Republican Party.”

+ Joe Coors’s descendants, his sons Peter (currently on the company’s board of directors), Bill and Jeff are still involved. Prof Warner tells us that Peter Coors is the most conspicuous in Republican circles, having run and lost against Democratic senatorial candidate Ken Salazar in 2004. Over the past two decades he has contributed roughly $290,000 to help elect other Republican candidates, including George W. Bush. He is, along with Bill and Jeff, a board member of the ultra-conservative Castle Rock Foundation.

The corporation itself also overwhelmingly supports conservative candidates in U.S. elections. Since 1990, it has contributed $1.73 million to federal elections and campaigns, and of this, roughly 80 per cent has gone to Republicans.


Keep drinking Coors and the money goes to fund Tea Party politics.

Find another Beer and keep the profits in Canada.