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Only one Israeli counts pt.1

October 18, 2011

Israeli-Palestinian prisoner exchange.

The obtuse comments of British Tory Prime Minister David Cameron convicts this narrow thinking of blindness and hypocrisy.

Gilad Shalit was a 22 year Israeli old kid, seemingly an apolitical victim of his countr’s policies.He had to give 3 years of his life to keep Palestinians caged in. And he was nabbed, a military member of an occupying army. Now, thankfully, he is free in exchange for about 1000 Palestinian prisoners.

But for David Cameron only the Israeli Shalit counts .No mention of the 4000 Palestinians who are still prisoners. Many it must be said have been punished for their part in resisting occupation—violently, for killing innocents. In their wild fury and having no army, many simply lashed out at innocent Israelis.

Shalit it turns out is smarter than blind Cameron.He wants all Palestinians released. Here’s what Cameron said. Note the absolute absence of any deep understanding of Occupation. It is as if Palestinians are invisible and do not count. And no mention of the 4000 Palestinians who are still prisoners.

I know that people across Britain will share in the joy and relief felt by Gilad Shalit and his family today. I can only imagine the heartache of the last five years, and I am full of admiration for the courage and fortitude which Sgt Shalit and his family have shown through his long, cruel and unjustified captivity.