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Justifying Afghanistan

October 20, 2011

There they were—yet again in the Globe this week justifying Canada’s sad involvement in Afghanistan.Talking about Granatstein and Bercusson, the cold warriors who love to see Canada emulate the States in its propensity to stick its nose in imperial adventures.

What a waste of 190 Canadian lives no matter now you cut it. As Ray McGovern the former CIA analyst in America wrote, don’t ennoble this catastrophic incursion as noble, worthwhile.These men died in vain.Surely a hard pill to swallow. And it’s still being swallowed in the USA.

Tuned on the World Series game last night and had to endure the sight of a poor kid, now in his 20s who signed up for the Marines when he was 18, He hobbles out to cheers and tosses out the first pitch. Well, God Bless America!

As for Canada, maybe we should read Janice Stein’s tome The Unexpected War, an insider’s account how we backed into a new kind of war, fighting insurgency in a failed state. This was Chretien’s sop to the States. And he was cheered for keeping us out of Iraq! But he sure blew it in Kandahar.

Then the propaganda, the altruistic lies that we were there there to free long-suffering women from bondage. There were good,naive kids who were sent into battle—no one knows why—but spielers like Rick Hillier and other generals convinced the politicos that the US would not speak to us if we did not fight in Afghanistan. Let’s face it.Canada does not exist for the Americans and they need our stuff as much as we need theirs.

And now Harper is blowing billions on getting ready for war.

Oh say can you see…