One Canadian prof who is a real teacher

I long ago gave up hope for university presidents to show a modicum of courage on contemporary issues.

Most have become glorified fund raisers and will not do anything to jeopardize their funding.Even at the cost of intellectual truth, open ended dialogue and free speech. Geez, that is what a university should stand for—ever since Socrates walked in the agora.

A few years ago the president of my alma mater, the U of T, David Naylor took a free trip to Israel—pure propaganda.Then he came back and tried in 2008 to sabotage the growing anti-Israeli apartheid Week on his own campus.and he was not alobne the presidents of Carleton,Wilfrid Laurier and Carleton banned the 2009 poster.

Now would this have anything to do with donations to these universities?

Well, lately this got up the nose of Carleton University students. Read on:

Over two hundred students gathered at Carleton University on Monday to voice their outrage at the university administration’s sponsorship of the Jewish National Fund’s fundraising dinner in Ottawa.

The demonstration, which was organized by Students Against Israeli Apartheid, denounced the University president’s strong support for the JNF, which has openly worked to implement Zionist goals in Palestine.

The Jewish National Fund is a notorious organization that has assisted
in the ethnic cleansing, dispossession and colonization of Palestinian
land for over a century. One of JNF’s projects was the construction of
the ‘Canadian Park’ on Palestinian land in the occupied West Bank.

Bill Skidmore is a professor of human rights at Carleton University.

Frustrated by the administration’s lack of response, the students
marched to the president’s office, however she refused to talk to
their representatives.

The JNF gala will be held in Ottawa on Tuesday November 15 and the Carleton
administration has yet to announce on whether it will withdraw its sponsorship or not.



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