The Israeli who learned nothing

PBS recently ran a fascinating 2 hour documentary on the HUNT for NAZIS in the postwar era.

It was as per usual excellent documentary fare from the American public broadcaster. It included the voices of those I was long acquainted with in my long work on the Holocaust—Allan Ryan, the Klarsfelds, Wiesenthal etc.

And then came the haunting face of Rafi Eitan.

Now I realize most people would not know about this odious man but I knew him right away.

First the context.

Eitan was a longtime Israeli Mossad agent who was instrumental in the capture of “I was only taking orders”, the scurrilous Adolf Eichmann, executed by the Jewish state in 1961.

The latter was dumb enough to keep the family name after he was spirited out of war-torn Europe by the disgusting Croatian priest Draganovic. This is another story but it was the priest who using clerical safe houses aided the escape of many monsters to that other fascist Republic, Argentina.

Eitan nabbed Eichmann as he was returning to The House on Garibaldi House, (a great book by prosecutor Gideon Hausner) in Buenos Aires. Well worth a read.

I despised these Nazis and devoted much of my teaching life to a study of the was an act of reparation for the long Catholic “Teaching of Contempt” for Judaism which paved the way for the Holocaust.

So here’s Eitan, justifiably glowing, recounting the tale of capturing Eichmann.
“I has his face on my knee in the back seat of the car and I spoke German to him. Well Mt Eichmann, you thought you would kill all of us but we are here and you are on my knees.”

It was a sentiment I could relish and appreciate—if I did not know Rafi Eitan, the Arab racistm who obviously learned little about racism in the Hitler years.The latter was long associated with the ultimate Rab racist,ariel sharon.He had long been active in anti-arab activity supporting the obnoxious settlers who are destroying peace prosoects in Israel.

Eitan is famous among Palestinians for referring to them as “cockroaches.”

What an irony! here’s that Mossad man age 90 still with people on his knees, this time Palestinians.

He has learned nothing.

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