IDIOT AMERICA by Charles Pierce

Charles Pierce’s evisceration of the growing boobocracy in America. A book on the rising anti-intellectualism in a ‘dumbing-down’ of the nation which used to honour science as a cardinal discipline. Now it is aa country where certifiable dopes like Glenn Beck and Anne Coulter can command an audience and Sarah Palin can be on a presidential ticket. And we might add a phony war hero like John McCain can be taken seriously as a future president.

War hero, no? A guy who rained death on innocent Vietnamese, came home and dumped his wife who stood by him but was mangled in an auto accident. Then was caught up in the Savings and Loans scandal.

What’s that?

Oh yeah it was ancient history—1991 and because of TV and Football we can’t remember that far back.

Pierce is hilarious in documenting the CREATION museum where the dinosaurs wear saddles but is deadly serious when unpacking the Schiavo case where the BUSH Evangelicals almost prevented a husband from advising a Do NOT Resuscitate for his brain dead wife.

Here the book gets scary as the Catholic pizza king Tom Monaghan with its untold millions and fundamentalist law school AVE MAria in Naples, Florida sends in a team of right wing lawyers to Dover,Pennsylvania to try and convince the Republican appointed judge that Intelligent design is science and not a faith statement. He loses and a pastor named Ray Mummertthe delivers line that sense, sums the book up.”We’ve been attacked by the educated segment of the population.” Presumably those who who would rather share a veer with GW Bush

Maybe the best part of the book is the evisceration of the C student who got into Yale on Daddy’s coat tails and became a ” 
War President” even though he bailed in the Vietnam years.His description of Bush is the best I have ever read: He is the frat boy who goes to the pub with you, ducks out to the washroom to avoid the next round then starts a fight with the tackle on the football team —which you have to finish.

This is a terribly sad indictment of a country where the best selling religious book is a phantasm called Late Great Planet Earth—50 million sold on the end times!Pure illiterate biblical bunkum.


IDIOT AMERICA which also contains some of the smartest people in the world.


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