Made in the USA

Power hardly ever leaves gently. Entrenched and arrogant it will hold on until it is absolutely forced out or forced to change.The clerical caste in Cathollicism is the classic example.Convinced that it alone can ‘run” the Catholic church it continues to alienate loyal members of the faithful.

On the global stage, we see the despicable remnant of the Mubarak regime turn its guns on peaceful protesters who seek a vibrant democracy where the military serves at the behest of the far about 30 protesters have been shot dead.

Here the hypocritical hegemon, the United States continues to fund the army to the tune of $1.3 billion per year.Late to the party, very late in its putative defence of democracy the US continues to waffle.They want a stable defender of its interests in the Middle East, read Israel.

The Egyptians are not stupid.They pick up the tear gas canisters lobbed at defenceless people and see Continental Systems of Jamestown, Pa.—Made in the USA


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    Thank goodness that common sense is not common and that sometimes the very elite of the American power structure feel that they can simply do whatever they want without fear of being held to account. This is a blessing to many of us and indeed proves the adage–“you are your own worst enemy”. Imagine how the world would have been so much different if Richard Nixon had not been convinced that no one–including the courts–would dare to hold THE President of the United States of America accountable and force him to hand over the White House tapes. It is important to remember that Nixon was not just a disgraced President but was a resilient gifted individual. He lost a close election for President in 1960 which in fact might have been due more to Joseph Kennedy’s money and all encompressing will to see one of his sons elected President than any other reason. Nixon went on to lose the race for Governor of California in 1962 but managed to earn his party’s nomination for President in 1968 and go on to 2 succesive elections to his nation’s highest office. He pulled out American forces from Vietnam, opened the door to China, initiated detente with the Soviet Union, enforced desegregation of Southern Schools, establised the EPA, left office in disgrace and somehow managed to reinvent himself as a elder spokesman. Certainly no lightweight–but like many of the powerful forgot that only the Pope has been able to claim infallibility and even he is having trouble maintaining that belief. It is frightening that possibly the most powerful man on earth did not have the common sense to destroy the tapes when it became obvious to everyone else that there existed the chance that they might have to be given up. Frightening but comforting as well to think that even the powerful have a “blind spot”. As to the tear gas canisters used in Egypt common sense would be that if you want to play both sides of a dispute without detection you would eliminate the possibility of detection. Surely tear gas canisters without any markings should have been used in this case. Common sense–thank goodness it is not common!! .

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