Defend the oil sands! Screw the environment!

That’s right, what did the environment ever do for me?

And there’s poor Peter Kent, the Tory MP in Durban, South Africa emabarrassing all Canadians. But he, loyal tooper that he is, is simply taking his orders from PM Harper:

Defend the oil sands at all costs!

David Suzuki, the Canadian conscience on climate change advises us:

If Canadian representatives at the UN climate change summit in Durban, South Africa won’t commit to the Kyoto Protocol and contribute to global efforts to stop climate change, they should go home and stop impeding progress.

Since the summit began on November 28, Canadian officials, led by Environment Minister Peter Kent, have been acting shamefully. Not only are they planning to abandon Kyoto — the only legally binding international agreement with firm targets to reduce global warming pollution — they have been secretly urging other countries to pull out of the agreement as well

This is a national embarrassment. If Canada, one of the world’s top 10 global warming polluters, refuses to honour its commitments, we cannot expect developing countries to reduce their emissions.

Join us this week in telling Peter Kent and your M.P. that you want Canada to commit to Kyoto and contribute to climate change solutions or go home and let the progressive leaders of the world find solutions to climate change.

Thanks to you we’ve met our goal of 10,000 letters sent! We’re at 10,171 letters sent… can you help us get to our new goal of 15,000?


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