Joanna Manning ordained priest

It was a day when I am sure God smiled and the angels danced.

Joanna Manning was ordained priest in the Anglican Church on November 27.

This wonderful learned and compassionate woman could find no room to share her abundant gifts in the Church of Rome, a Christian communion which in the words of theologian John Courtney Murray is “stuck.” simply unable to move. Ignoring the prompts of the Holy Spirit, the Divine Disturber, she sits atop a moribund traditionalism.People are deserting her in droves.

The Catholic Tradition is an extraordinary one.It potentially has everything any Church would need to succeed in furthering God’s reign—it has the Word, the Bible, the liberating praxis of Vatican ll; it has a sacramental system which should be so healing but presently it is missing the fundamental sacrament today THE EARTH and the COSMOS.Officially it pays little attention to the holy earth as we burn it down. It’s like torching the Bible.We would not stand for that but we as an institution are a non-player in the climate change stakes. We are stuck,doing everything to ignore the abundant signs of the times—the cry of the poor, the cry of women and the cry of the Earth.And what do we do? We retreat into a deadly past, focusing on externals instead of moving were the Spirit is taking us.

And surely one of those places is the total equality of all of the baptized, the right of every person to all seven sacraments.

And now Joanna Manning has gone. But not far!

Attending her ordination was such a delight.Watchbg her beamning, doing a liturgical dance to the Negro hymn Wade in the Water and inviting the Bishop to dance with her.

It’s called Incarnation! God comes through our flesh!



  1. 1

    If you sincerely think that the Roman Catholic Church is no longer faithful to Christ’s commands, stop pretending that you are still a Catholic “faithful” and follow your friend Joanna into the Anglican Church. Based on your comments, that is where the Holy Spirit now resides.

  2. 2

    Thanks for the e-mail reply, Ted. However, I must correct you on your quote of Fr. Bernard Lonergan. What he said in Method in Theology was actually: “Be attentive, be intelligent, be responsible, be loving, and, if necessary, change. You replaced loving by rational and added “develop” which I find condescending. Mis-quoting other authors is a serious breach of professionalism.
    I would prefer if you addressed my point squarely: Why do you continue to remain in the Catholic Church when you clearly reject many of its teachings. Surely, there is a Church out there that better fits your deep seated beliefs.

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