Billy Stock,Vatican ll priest

Billy Stock is being buried today. One of the great Vatican ll priests of those halcyon days Bill never stopped going, carried by a vision he saw betrayed. Like many priests of those years, Bill is being buried outside the walls of the Roman church. And irony of ironies, it is his friend Joanna Manning, now an Anglican priest who who will preside at his funeral.Bill was one of those great priests I worked with in the years of the Council.In his memory I include this passage from my upcoming book Never Neutral

In an interview I did with Bill last year he talkked about his leave taking (1970) from the Church:

When I went in to see Bishop Pocock to tell him I was leaving he assured me that he understood, that many of the changes were hard on priests etc. He had missed the point. I had to set him straight. I told him the changes were not being implemented, and were being stalled by an aging institution and were much too slow for many of us. I saw the Church even then beginning to freeze up.”


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