Christopher Hitchens, a wasted talent

It was a amazing to read the ubiquitous eulogies in print re the journalist Christopher Hitchens.

To me Hitchens was a brilliant bore who trimmed his sails to the official orthodoxy. His support for the calamitous Iraq War finished him in my eyes as a serious commentator.Like the failed comedian Dennis Miller who pulled the same stunt he lost all credibility.
Despite the fawning obits—and there was no getting around it—the man was a good wordsmith—a few major publications did nail him on his spectacular option for such an immoral war.

ALEX PAREENE in humorously wrote

And so we had the world’s self-appointed supreme defender of Orwell’s legacy happily joining an extended misinformation campaign designed to sell an incompetent right-wing government’s war of choice. The man who carefully laid out the case for arresting Henry Kissinger for war crimes was now palling around with Paul fucking Wolfowitz.

Dead on.

His cheap shot at Mother Theresa who indeed was a political naif and who allowed herself to be used by neocomn Catholics was also beyond the pale…not to mention Hitchens;s pathetic flailing at cartoonish straw men of religion in his anti-God polemics.

All in all a wasted talent.


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    An immoral war? You are looking at the Iraq War retrospectively. We had been attacked, we were trying to get the guy who masterminded the attack. That’s hardly immoral. We know a whole lot more now than we did then and of course we made mistakes. However, we (republicans and democrats) did what we thought was best for the safety of the country by invading Iraq. There is nothing wrong with critique but to smear or ridicule someone after they’ve died is unbecoming and graceless.

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