It’s all about us!

Poor Obama.”US Forces finally leaving Iraq.” The only thing missing was Bush’s Infamous “Mission accomplished.” Of course the US will never leave Oil Central. They leave behind the biggest embassy in the world and a broken Iraq.You won’t read this in many American papers.
That’s why it’s always safe to go to Britain’s uardian for a more sanguine view.

Foreign correspondent Gary Younge gets it right:

According to Christopher Gelpi, a political science professor at Duke University who specializes in public attitudes to foreign policy, the most important single factor shaping Americans’ opinions about any war is whether they think America will win. This solipsistic worldview is hardly conducive to the kind of introspection that might translate remorse into redemption.

It’s a mindset that understands the war in Vietnam as being wrong not because an independent country was invaded, flattened, millions murdered and thousands tortured. It was wrong because the US lost.

Such is the mindset wrapped tight under a seemingly impermeable condom.


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