We Three Kings

The Magi have come and gone.We said goodbye yesterday at mass.The opening hymn was We Three Kings. The epiphany, first Sunday near January 6.

Now it is official the 12 Days of Christmas have ended.

We can take or Christmas tree down.

The liturgical cycle by which we calibrate our lives moves into ordinary time.
This is the Story I choose to live in. It is perennially new, a lovely meaningful way to structure a life.

It is lamentable that many have not moved beyond the first level of naivete,Just Saturday a friend asked me a question about where the “wise men” came from. 45 years after Vatican ll our people largely have not moved in their understanding of scripture.A massive failure of the post Vatrican ll church.

Matthew whose gospel tells us of the MAGOI (the Greek word can not be translated “kings”) was well aware of the symbolic import of “Non-Jews” from afar were among the first to acknowledge “the new born king”. Luke of course has no MAGOI, only shepherds but that symbol speaks volumes as well. Both are “outsiders’ who grasp the meaning of the Christ chid.

What a story (Greek, mythos), full of dynamite!These men from Persia, the land of Zoroaster are practitioners of the occult, astrologers who read the stars, a prevalent belief then—and even now. Every day the papers contain your horsocope!

But as the Bard reminds us, “The fault dear Caesar is not in our staes but in ourselves!” KISMET was a prevalent worldview among many.Our llfe is fixed and you can read it in the stars—but you can’t change it!

So here come the Magoi laying their gifts at the foot of him who will be Love incarnate. No more Kismet.We have free will to love, to follow the way of the Christ, to die and rise into new life.

More on this later


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