Wine before breakfast?

Wine Before Breakfast?
… what else would you expect from a
glutton and a drunkard?

Hip incarnational theologian Brian Walsh has this sign in his room.

Now you need to know something about the New Testament and Jesus in bad company, his penchant for hanging out with those on the margins, the uncool and decidedly unhip.It goes without saying that the brother opened his table up to the washed and unwashed, providing much fare for scandal.

Hence the eucharist today…all are one at the table. Even Conrad Black only gets one piece of bread! Money and status are radically relativized.Real eucharist is a foretaste of the just society

Jesus celebrated but one—and was crucified.Today’s church cranks them out endlessly.The sacrament hardly points to his reality of “danger.” A sacrament only is potent if it does not lose sign value.

Theologians use the word “commensality” to describe this shocking behaviour of Jesus particularly in the highly stratified society prevalent in Palestine in the first century.

It was just like Downton Abbey, the hit TV show af Edwardian England.

You simply did not sit at the table with the servants.There was “Upstairs” and “Downstairs.”

World War l helped to shatter the stratified British society.War generally shakes a lot of “givens” and “prohibitions” up. IN WW l many left the churches when they understood the role they played in pumping war.Whenever you see a flag on an altar, leave!

In the USA it was the catalyst for black demands for inclusion and women’s demands for greater participation in society.

So a monthly group of Anglicans meet at 7:22 AM with Wine before Breakfast…and all are welcome!

A little seed of community in downtown Toronto.


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