Nathan Cullen makes sense


Of all the contestants for the NDP leadership British Columbia BC politician Nathan Cullen stands out as most like the deceased Layton. Cullen resurrects the former leader’s personality.He’s bright, speaks in striking sound bites and has a much needed sense of humour.

What frightens the true believers in the party is Cullen’s proposal for cooperation with the Liberals and Greens (through the holding of joint nomination contests) to defeat the Conservatives.

Makes some sense given the slow motion destruction of Canada underway under Stephen Harper and Jim Flaherty. The true believers sense that they are near to the mountain top and really why should be cooperate with the Libs.

A new cybercommunity Leadnow ( describing itself as independent advocacy organization that brings generations of Canadians together to achieve progress through democracy took a poll. It showed 95% support for cooperation. They asked if you would support political cooperation between the NDP, Liberals and Greens to defeat the current government in the next election, and then pass electoral reform. Almost 10,000 responded. 95% said yes, with an astounding 72% “strongly agreeing”

This probably will not happen as good old tribalism will rear its ugly head.Divide and conquer and Harper goes up the middle destroying the Canada we used to have.Another mandate of Harper’s love of warplanes, Tar sands, Israel at all costs, tax breaks for the corporations etc.


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    This sounds like .Harper conservative logic. If you don’t agree with the gateway pipeline then you are a foreign radical. If you don’t think that pre-election cooperation with the liberals is a good.strategy your perspective is tribal. Same logical structure.

    There are good reasons not to collaborate with the Liberals. They are progressive only on the surface when they are in power they behave like nay other right wing party. Look at the Drummond report commissioned by McGuinty. It list only cuts in service and see’s not explore new revenue opportunity like restoring taxes to the corporations.

    To be elected you have to stand for something to get elected. The NDP has well thought out policies and the energy is growing to create a real alternative. The real tribalism occurs with individuals who have traditionally voted Liberal. Now that they realize the moral bankruptcy of the Liberal party they still want their tribal colors to be tagged onto the banner of the real alternative that is developing.

    Is the NDP going to lead or cooperate at the lowest common denominator?

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