He’s back!—with a terrible idea—Casinos for Toronto

He’s back—and generally at a larger salary than before,the ultimate free market Conservative, Paul Godfrey—friend of Mike Harris, Jeff Lyons and Tom Jakobek -the great purveyor of NFL football and free money from the public for a baseball stadium.

This time a truly terrible idea—a casino for Toronto.

Yes Paul Godfrey the shill for  Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation  was singing the praises of a major casino for Toronto.

The Baptists are right…gambling is a fool’s game and publicly promoted gambling nothing but a tax on the poor and credulous.It panders to  our baset instincts–something for nothing! No hard intellectual or honest slogging needed. What a message. Evidently 30% od the lost cash comes from problem gamblers.A real homewrecker.

Not to mention the added cost for coppers,shrinks, family counselors.

Keep them away, let them stay on the borders where the Yanks can come and blow their cash.

It will be iteresting to see how Metro Councilors deal with this mug’s game.

Councillor Maria Augimeri spoke for me when Downsview Park in her ward was mentioned as a site:

“Over my dead body. I see nothing but bad news from casinos. They’re just bad for the human soul. So many families end up in pain — prostitution, the drug trade, good planning goes out the window, traffic congestion.



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