Bill Maher’s vision of Catholicism goes up in smoke

Poor Billy Maher ,pungent wit, politically savvy was gobsmacked on his March 23 HBO show.

Wha hoppen?

He read from the paper that cartoonish  pres hopeful uber-Catholic Rick Santorum was decidedly unpopular with Catholics.

How can this be?

Well,Atlantic blogger Andrew Sullivan filled him in.

Billy, you got Catholicism all wrong.

Catholic does not equal the Vatican!

Andrew then wenrt on to give Bill a refresher on Vatican ll and the Church as

the People of God, And actually used the words “sensus fidelium”.

Now Bill has a lot of fun ridiculing God and believers in general but is often

hopelessly misinformed on the nature of the catholic  Church.

Friday night was a prime example of Maher’s limited knowledge about believers and Catholicism


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