Papa wears the sombrero

So we have the Pope in Mexico wearing a sombrero and the cardinal of Toronto wearing a Maple Leaf hockey sweater—both obvious attempts to mask their underlying agendas.

In Canada the agenda is :nothing changes. No discussion of celibacy, women priests,a new sexual ethic.

In Mexico the hopelessly uncharismatic 84 year old pope who drones on and on—but wears a sombrero-has an agenda.

Stay away from the capitol city—there the “secularists” have a stronghold. Go to the most conservative area Guanajato, wealthy and a big supporter of Felipe Calderon’s PAN party.An election is coming and the most Catholic party needs all the supoport it can get as its losing in the polls. Hey, why not a sombrero on the pontiff’s head.and have Felipe Calderon take communion from the pope.

Needless to say Calderon’s platform is very much pro-business and anti gay and anti- abortion.

Hence the sombrero-wearing pontiff’s this time and in this place.


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