The Pelvic Warriors

And so it is reported today the latest misplaced  values of the Catholic bishops of America, the Pelvic Orthodoxy Team. Go team go!

The nation’s Catholic bishops are calling on the faithful to pray and mobilize in a “great national campaign” to confront what they see as a series of threats to religious freedom, and they are setting aside the two weeks before July 4 for their “Fortnight for Freedom” initiative. Their chief concern is the Obama administration’s proposal to provide contraception coverage to all employees with health insurance, including those who work for religious groups.

The statement represents the hierarchy’s latest effort to overturn that policy, and it includes an explicit threat of widespread civil disobedience by the nation’s 67 million Catholics.

Yes civil disobedience!

Wow champions of the gospel!

As the gap between the rich and the poor widens, as America drowns the world in CO2, as it spends more money on armaments as the rest of the world combined, these so-called defenders of the gospel are bent out of shape by this!

Wow!  Is it no wonder people are shaking the dust from their heels and the fog from their brains as they close the door behind them as they leave the church?


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    bpjh Says:

    There is a “new wine” being made, that the “old skins” cannot contain. It is we, the Church, bursting from the dry and brittle skins of a decaying institution. We first grieve what is necessarily passing; we honour and give thanks for what was just and good. Our anger and sadness is shared and recognized for that which was not of God. Our grief will be with us a long time and we shall taste the ashes to remember, “never again”. And now what sustains us is Church reborn…… and new skins for new wine.

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