David Suzuki and the Great Work

Recenly at a panel discussion at the University of Guelph,our prophetic Canadian voice on ecology,David Suzuki snapped.

Suzuki said he is sick and tired of fighting to save the environment because when you fight, there’s a loser. He said different parts of society have to come together as one, not as stakeholders, for such an important goal.

Who can disagree with that?

The indefatigable champion f our life support systems has been battling for decades against the corporate dominance of our economy, and we might say the chief protaganist and enemy of a greener Canada. Suzuki has continuously been refused a meeting with Prime Minister Harper a man seemingly constitutionally unable to understand what the Alberta Tar Sands are doing to the environment and to our reputation.

Suzuki and virtually millions of Canadaians are disgusted at the failure of the federal Toriews to understand the grievous threat their policies are to a greener world.

“We’ve got to leave the corporate sector out of it. It’s already driving us in the wrong direction,” Suzuki said.

“We need big solutions and the big solutions have got to be government. The challenge is well beyond what we do in our individual lives.”

On the same panel with Suzuki was another voice of eco-sanity Barry Smit, a University of Guelph professor and co-recipient of the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize for his work with the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

“Air, water and soil aren’t economic entities. They’re sacred,” Smit said. “Nature doesn’t care about the economy.”

Truer words were never spoken.

The natural world is the absolute bedrock of our whole life on earth, Men,yes it’s usually the captains of energy, like the Calgary oil barons, driven by greed and unaware of our sacred natural world who are driving this mad rush over the cliff.GDP is no measure of planetary health. Science and nature herself ( and it is incontrovertible now) is telling us our present direction is unsustainable.

David Suzuki is an atheist yet he is more passionate and organized  than the Catholic religious communty’s clerical leadership.How ironic that this present assault on creation and the mass extinction of species  has moved full speed in Christian countries—in religion co-opted by cash and consumerism.The faith community, particularly its largest denomination , Roman Catholics  have done little to rally behind people like David suzuki. There are virtually no diocesan plans to combat this,Pelvic obsessions are turning our spiritual energies in a twisted direction. This is a scandal.

We need a profound wake up in this historical institution. Our prophet must be the late Thomas Berry  who is correctly calling this generation yo a new Great workout is our response to the accelerating despoliation of the planet, the Body of God (McFague),We are destroying the fundamentals of the greater Economy, the Earth, the great geo-biological system which has sustained us for millions of years,We need to be present in a new way to our planet .Berry would say we are at the end of the Cenozoic era. Can we move into the Ecozoic era. This is our great challenge.

Catholic schools have a huge role to play in this regard.The earth is our prime sacrament,We are ripping it apart. It is no way to be a “sacramental people.” Curricula need to be rewritten with this in mind.

Don’t wait for the religious leaders. They appear to be distracted.


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