Why aren’t we in the streets?

The acclaimed biologist and conservationist Edward O. Wilson (The Social Conquest of the Earth) recently asked the intemperate question:

‘We’re destroying the rest of life in one century. We’ll be down to half the species of plants and animals by the end of the century if we keep at this rate.’

The 82 year old famed Harvard prof and champion of global diversity  complained that “ ‘very few people are paying attention’ to this disaster.Taking a shot at the next generation he asked:

‘Why aren’t you young people out protesting the mess that’s being made of the planet? Why are you not repeating what was done in the ‘60s? Why aren’t you in the streets? And what in the world has happened to the green movement that used to be on our minds and accompanied by outrage and high hopes? What went wrong?’

In one word: turbocapitalism, capitalism run amok, a feces feeding frenzy of trivia, a steady diet of high calorie bull shit.It’s all around us so much so we can’t see through the bubble. TS Eliot: We’re distracted from distraction by distraction.It’s hard in this swamp to keep focussed despite the great availability of counter-narratives—one of which used to be Christian faith.

I turned on my TV and saw the Greek idiots running trough the streets with their flags…World Cup baby!The country descending into a decade of chaos but hey, we won !

It seems the only part of Canada with any cojones or political jam is quebec with its long internalized history of the value of the collective over the untrammeled ego of ME and MINE.

Here’s Harper putting the boots to democracy and people watching reality TV on a regular basis.Or reading the Toronto Stun and its alternative universe.

In the 80s the STAR gave Tom Harpur a massive front page to warn people about our nuclearized future unless we did something about it.Most papers  however are not the STAR.They are corporate!

Remember that pathetic sycophant Tony Blair  when he hopped a jet to Australia to suck up to Rupert Murdoch to curry favour with the press baron .That sad man  pledged an end  to “the ‘rigid economic planning and state controls’ of the ‘Old Left’ Anything to please the right wing carnivore who then ordered the Sun to go Labour.

In North America  we had 2 terms of people voting for GW Bush and Mike Harris and now the absolute worst Rob Ford, the mayor of Toronto. It is to weep—then get up and resist.

Why do ,people vote against their own interests?

Thomas Frank wrote a good book on this: What’s the Matter with Kansas? Why does a poor state, once the seedbed of agrarian populism vote Republican,Basically they get snookered by diversionary cultural wars—abortion, prayer in schools,stem cells.The corporate media augmented by wads of cash from Republican millionaires  play these sidebars up and the poor fall for it thinking that there actually will be a change in abortion laws. Meanwhile the rich continue to pick their pockets on  a regular basis.

In Canada the Catholic pro lifers vote for the most anti-life, anti-common good PM we’ve ever had HArper and his gang of Harrisites like Baird, Flaherty etc.

Capitalism—never underestimate the power of the dollar to subvert the people.

Michael Moore mad a movie about it: Capitalism :A love story.


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    wmgrace Says:

    Thanks for your contribution to the “counter-narrative”. Concerning the question posed by Edward O. Wilson in asking why the young are not in the streets, perhaps this is a question we can all ask ourselves, regardless of age.

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