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Bishop Gumbleton heard

June 27, 2012

Tom Gumbleton could hear.Today’s bishops refuse to heed Martin Luther’s comment: that the ear is the most important organ.

Bishop Gumbleton recently said:

We have 30 million people in this country alone, those in Western Europe and other parts of the world who have moved away from the church, and has anybody in our leadership said, “Why don’t we listen to them. Why are they moving away?”

Apparently only one Albany, NY bishop Howard Hubbard who raised the issue in his diocesan column.

The rest apparently don’t care.After all they are the bishops.They are the teachers.Nobody  else has  access to wisdom or the Spirit.

Let em go.We are on our way to a smaller purer church, the “little flock” (of quiescent sheeple)

Gumbleton heard early.

As an episcopal wanna be in 1969 he was sent out of his comfy perch in the Detroit chancery to deal with angry picketers who were complaining about episcopal silence  during the Vietnam war.

Gumbleton heard, decided the picketers were right and never looked back as he follow Jesus into troubled waters.

For over 40 years Tom Gumbleton has been one of the greatest bishops in US history,always situating himself on the firing line—an anti-imperialist, defender of the poor and the gays.

All because he “heard.”