Bishops should promote freedom in the Church

While in Boston attending mass last week  at the Paulist Centre i picked up a copy of the truly mediocre Boston diocesan paper, the Pilot.I am glad I leafed through it after mass instead of before.It would have been an occasion of sin to read such nonsense, in particular the Boston cardinal O’Malley promoting the ill-advised Catholic bishops “heroic” fight against the use of condoms in catholic institutions.They called this a Fortnight of Freedom.

This sad campaign ranks up there with the Toronto cardinal’s attempt to halt gay/lesbian clubs in Catholic schools.As a friend asked, “Is this the hill we want to die on?”

When are these putative leaders  going to rally the troops around the gospel and the common good.They are thinking way too small and decidedly parochial.

No sooner did I gel home when I saw an editorial  from ARCC (Association for the Rights in the Catholic Church) on the above issue.It echoes my sentiments exactly.

Fortnight of Freedom

 Catholic Heroes of Religious Liberty


The American Catholic bishops, charging that religious liberty is under attack, have proposed that the two-week period from June 21 to July 4 be dedicated to a Fortnight of Freedom, emphasizing prayer, education and public action. 


Their summons seems hypocritical, however, when it is evident that they ignore the sensus fidei or sense of the faith professed by the People of God (Lumen Gentium 35) and trample on the rights of conscience of those who disagree with them. When they speak of religious liberty one may well ask: Religious liberty for whom? The bishops? Or all the Catholic people?

In observance of the Fortnight of Freedom Catholics may wish to dedicate each day to those Catholic theologians and leaders who have been bullied, threatened, silenced, or wrongfully excommunicated by the pope, the Congregation for the Defense of the Faith (CDF), and the bishops. The following are worthy of being so honored:

Exactly. When will these narrow minde  clerics pay attention  and honour the senus fidei of the Cathloic people.We want leadership on global warming, minimum wage, the gap between the rich and the poor.

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    wmgrace Says:

    “…Catholics may wish to dedicate each day to to those Catholic theologians and leaders who have been bullied, threatened, or wrongfully excommunicated by the pope, the CDF, and bishops.”

    That would be much more sensible. How does the RC hierarchy get away with this? In the secular world these actions would be considered violations of various human rights legislation, employment standards, contract law or other legislation which has been enacted on behalf of individuals to protect them from the reckless and prejudicial actions of powerful organizations. Does canon law trump civil law? Why does it often appear as if the Catholic Church is not subject to the same fundamental laws which govern all of society?

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