Canada’s social demolition

The Harper government continues to tear asunder the Canadian consensus, the longstanding idea that Canada was a different country than the USA, that we honoured the common good over the hyper-individualism of our neighbour to the south.

The mantra of the Harperites is plain: we can’t continue to fund the social programs which have defined our orientation as an interventionist government, one which was not afraid to challenge market mania as the arbiter of our values.

The bad news we now  see is that the formerly respected Canada ranks 22nd out 30 OECD countries in our social spending. A government has consciously decided to spend our collective wealth elsewhere—as in  the outrageous plan to purchase those jets.Who are we defending against? $25 billion for F-25 fighters? Harper so avidly wants to play with the big boys,aka the United States.

We have enough  money in this blessed land to reduce poverty, to create affordable day care etc.We choose not to.

The most shocking news is the federal corporate tax rate has been slashed from 28% in 2000 to 18% in 2010. Some of this of course  has been that of a  Liberal  government,Suffice to say Jim Flaherty,Harper’s economic acolyte has been positively evangelical about dropping the corporate rate. No jobs of course eventuated.

Read this and weep: This has cost us $745 billion in the past decade.

The Canadian dream is being eviscerated. Social needs are not being met.

On our local scene we have the man born with the silver spoon Rob Ford aiding in social demolition.


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    It was pretty shocking to hear Ford’s declaration that the answer to violence in Toronto’s less fortunate communities lies in people having jobs. What he is so blissfully ignorant of is that people get jobs, meaningful jobs, when they are educated and nurtured by involved parents, teachers and other professionals who function in structured (and funded) social service networks. It’s always been that way. The only thing that has changed is that free enterprise has made guns available to anyone with a passing interest in getting one. Of course we wouldn’t dare to regulate businessmen. They’re so hard done by with taxes, regulations and all that pinko nonsense.
    Thanks for your common sense and compassion.

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