The Trinitarian Catholic


Mike Crosby, the prolific Capuchin author whose latest book Repair My Church is recommended to all ( ,  did a great job of summing up the modern “Trinitarian Catholic”. You gotta love Mike. He writes the pope as a fellow Catholic, usually gets no response—a typical  boorish tactic  from the bishops’ club. It’s either silence or a two  line  dismissal like “I’ll pray for you.” Nah, just talk to me.Listen to me etc. Their refusal to engage in any way with serious fellow Catholics is positively disgusting. Their FOD letters( Eff Off and Die) are incompreehensible given the gospel insistence on everybody’s dignity. I mean these guys do not have kids nipping at their heels and they are hardly inundated by letters. so pick up a pen or the phone, come to the parish and hear the anguished cries of your people.

Crosby keeps writing. Too many have simply walked away. given the rudeness and the distance these guys keep from the faithful.

While I will continue to endeavor to practice the truth in love in order to build up our church (see Eph. 4:15) and will continue to seek genuine on any theological and disciplinary differences in our church, I cannot, in my informed conscience, retract the words Bishop Blair quoted from me.

 I deeply believe that the governance model of the Trinitarian God must be replicated in the structures of the Church of Jesus Christ if it is to be perfected in the way God is Perfect Trinity. This demands non-discrimination among persons at every level, non-domination in all our relationships (including the way authority is exercised in our church structures) and non-deprivation of women from having full access to all the sacraments in our Church,  just as men. Fidelity to the Gospel of the Reign or Rule the God–whose governance reveals it to be a Triune Community of Equals sharing all in common–demands no less. The integrity of this Trinitarian God is at stake. 

Pretty good stuff.

Mike is simply saying what most of us are: We don’t believe in your  discriminating God.We flatly reject the bankrupt logic for barring women from all seven sacraments and from every function in the church.

Crosby keeps speaking and writing. Others  are not so lucky. They are banned, marginalized and written out of the nercesary conversation.

No way to run a church based on Jesus.


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