Sr. Rice just won’t quit

My friend Sr Megan Rice went to jail again. Sigh,Does she never learn? I mean the woman is 82 years old! Wake up and smell the roses.


We visited Megan in her humble abode on the outskirts of Vegas a few years ago, Then she was preparing for the Desert Easter Experience of nuclear resistance. No bishops had signed up.

On July 28,2012  with 2 other accomplices she broke into Oak Ridge nuclear reservation in Tennessee, splashed symbolic blood (which is very true to its sign—the waste of human lives ad misplaced resources—and raised a banner “Swords into plowshares,”  one of isaiah’s best lines

This is old hat for the persevering Sr.Rice.She has been arrested 40 or 50 times for acts of civil disobedience.Done heavy time too,

The US energy Department wanted to find out what made this “crazed” woman tick.So she reluctantly  told them about her background of privilege in the Big Apple (Manhattan) The youngest of three girls in a Catholic family. Her father was an obstetrician who taught at New York University and treated patients at

Bellevue Hospital. Her mother received a doctorate from Columbia

University in history, writing her dissertation on Catholic views

about slavery.

She entered the convent at 18  and received degrees in biology from Villanova and Boston College, where her studies included class work at Harvard Medical School on how to use radioactive tracers. From 1962 to 2004, with occasional breaks, she served her order as a schoolteacher in Nigeria and Ghana.

And read the Catholic new Times.

Her story she insisted was not important. It is always the outrageousness of the issue

“It’s the criminality of this 70-year industry,” she said. “We spend

more on nuclear arms than on the departments of education, health,

transportation, disaster relief and a number of other government

agencies that I can’t remember.”

i regard her as a great disciple of Jesus, a faithful woman, a prophetic nun, just the type of witness the Vatican does not like.

Just the type of witness which gives the american Catholic Church a semblance of credibility.

She’s looking at serious time hereThe government charges carry

penalties of up to 16 years in prison and fines of up to $600,000.

“Not guity” she pleaded. she goes to trial in Knoxville on October 10.


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