Bill Maher gives up


Bill Mahers’s Real Time is de rigeur for sharp political commentary. Fridays at 10 on HBO.

Maher always has on conservative pols to give his show a scintilla of evenhandedness. But it’s not. Maher is an exceedingly sharp concerned liberal who like,most Canadians can not believe how stupid his fellow citizens are. He is merciless in eviscerating the shocking politics of the Tea Party—you know those angry white guys who. finding themselves victimized by 8 years of the Bush train wreck, are mad as hell and they just don’t know where to put their anger… certainly not on the bankers and Wall Street, not on the bloated military budget, but on that old Republican target THE GOVERNMENT.

Friday he had on a real Republican hack one of the six blacks who will be voting Republican, a hill staffer named Eric Christie.

It was pathetic to watch.I mean how could any black vote Republican? Well, a few do, but even Bill has his tipping points.He lets these sad sacks have their say and then challenges them.

Friday night however  it got too much when Christie used the old canard of “Climate Science  is still up in the air”. That was it for poor Bill. For weeks he has been going on about “Fact-based and science” being nom-negotiable starting points in any argument and when Christie started this line of booswa, Maher simply put his head down and pretended to cry.

He had every right to. You can not get to these people.They never let facts get in their way.

Maher that night just gave up.

One hopes the American public does not.


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