A cruel Tory government

As Jim Loney so eloquently states in his Facebook posting, this is a sad day to be a Canadian. Imagine deporting a woman with her Canadian born kids, a woman who refused to fight in that awful illegal and immoral war in Iraq. The sane war that now PM  Harper and Flaherty and Mike Harris so ardently supported. We now have a compassionate deficit in this country. Under Pierre Trudeau we were an enlightened nation which   allowed both draft-dodgers and Vietnam deserters to immigrate freely. 50m,000 americans with a conscience came here.They made a great contribution to our national life

Alexis Pavlich, a spokesperson  for uber Catholic Immigration Minister dismissed Rivera’s claim  in these terms :“These unfounded claims clog up our system for genuine refugees who are actually fleeing persecution.” Rivera had applied to stay permanently on humanitarian and compassionate grounds.


Loney spoke for many of us:

It was a very sad day to be a Canadian. Saying goodbye to Kim in the playground of the school her children attend, her children running wildly about the play structure, friends gathered around her, everyone fighting back tears, one of those moments when you feel everything changing, turning, infinite momentous, when you feel like everything should just STOP but it doesn’t, it won’t, it can’t.Kimberly Rivera, a soldier who laid down her gun and said no to war. A woman of conscience, courage, open-hearted goodness. A woman getting ready to be taken into custody because Canada’s Immigration Minister was deporting her.The hard boot of the Conservative government stomping down on a witness of conscience.

We can’t let this happen again.


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