Jimmy Carter, American prophet

He is 88 years old and still humming on eight cylinders, his moral compass intact.

Jimmy Carter is America’s greatest living ex-President, unafraid to speak truth to power. In this case  his own country and Israel.

On October 22, 2012  Carter let the weak but bellicose Israeli PM  have it  saying that  Benjamin Netanyahu lacked the courage of his predecessors and that he had abandoned the two-state solution that has been the accepted framework for resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict for decades.

“I don’t think there’s any doubt that Netanyahu has decided the one-state option is the one he’s going to pursue,” Mr. Carter said,

As for Obama Carter stated what everybody knows—you can not successfully run for president without placating the Israeli lobby and no-nothings like billionaires such as the Las Vegas gambling mogul Sheldon Adelson and the notorious Koch brotherts, both rabid Israel-firsters. Having abandoned the powerful Torah values of biblical prophetic justice, these men have substituted Israel as a surrogate god.

“The U.S. government policy the last two to three years has basically been a rapid withdrawal from any kind of controversy” said carter.

He added: “Every president has been a very powerful factor here in advocating this two-state solution. That is now not apparent.” No kidding.

Carter of coursse knows of what he speaks, having been to Israel and the Occupied Teritories over 30 times. He has seen it all and his Christian conscience demands that he speak.

Even before he was elected in 1976,Carter had been to Israel(1973) when there  were merely 1,500 illegal settlers..Today there are over 350,000 making a two-state solution almost impossible. He laid alkl of this out in his 2007 book, “Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid.” .

A quick aside here. After this book  was released Canadian academic the right wing Munk Centre’s Janice Stein  a regular on the TVO’s  Agenda, went ballistic. Having never been to the Occupied Territories she slammed Carter, the frequent visitor.

Carter said on Monday that the situation is “worse now than it’s ever been for the Palestinians” because of the expanding settlements and lack of prospects for change. Describing himself as “grieved, disgusted and angry,” he said the two-state solution is “in death throes,” which he called “a tragic new development that the world is kind of ignoring.”

Jimmy Carter will long be remembered as a brave political figure, much like George McGovern. Netanyahu’s fate is oblivion, like NIxon a third-rate politician.



  1. 1

    Thank you President Carter for your indomitable spirit and Christian morals.
    As the Head of Habitat for Humanity, why don’t you instruct the organization to
    launch a home restoration program for Palestinians in the West Bank? I am certain there are Palestinian and other NGOs in the region who would welcome the initiative and I am quite certain the Israeli authorities would be hamstrung to oppose your principled position. Dale Perkins, Victoria, B.C., Canada

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