The hollow man goes down





It is a tribute to the advertising industry and the deep pockets of the 1% who are corrupting America  that a man who has devoted his life to arbitrage, –looting companies and destroying jobs would not be laughed out of a race for the presidency. Here is a telegenic capitalist, a rich corporate raider who boasted about his elevator for his Cadillacs, who said he “like[s] being able to fire people”, a man who had such disdain for his fellow citizens that he wrote off 47% them  as leeches, a chancer who paid less in taxes than struggling workers. One of the most suppressed stories of this election was the identity of Romney’s first supporters  at Bain Capital in 1984. They  included Latin American oligarchs. members of the de Sola and Salaverria families.


In 1984, former U.S. Ambassador to El Salvador Robert White “named two Salaverria brothers—Julio and Juan Ricardo—as two of six Salvadoran exiles in Miami who had directly funded death squads(Mother Jones report)—Bain Capital funders.


One could go on and on about this notorious flip-flopper as being an unworthy candidate for the highest office, a rich man born to privilege who had no idea and less sympathy for those decent people in the US who were so badly let down by the Republican Party and their deadly Depression-producing economic meltdown.


The Bard described well men of such ilk,”Ambition should be made of sterner stuff.


He represented everything wrong about turbocapitalist America, a country where the lure of money and what it buys—influence, power and supposed prestige has virtually corrupted the political process.


Virtually—but not totally.


The people (and let’s not make these “exceptional”, please, the human spirit is incandesnet everywhere) narrowly defeated Romney and his powerful backers.





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    wmgrace Says:

    According to Chris Hedges, Karl Rove is already planning (and has been, long before Romney’s failed attempt) the next Republican/corporate hijacking of the government – in recruiting Jeb Bush as the GOP’s next presidential candidate. According to Hedges, Rove is the most powerful man in the Republican party. These are comments made several weeks ago to Bill Moyers on PBS. Lets hope the “people” are ready in 2016, to fire him too

    • 2
      wmgrace Says:

      For anyone wanting to view this segment, which aired Sept 14 2012, its available on Going over it again I see that the comments actually belong to Craig Unger, another investigative journalist – and not to Chris Hedges.

      It’s short (15 mins) and is tremendously revealing in the sense that he talks about how Karl Rove is connected and central to the Republican machine. His tentacles reach out to Fox News, Rupert Murdoch, the Wall Street Journal, the Koch Bros, the Tea Party, the Super Pacs, voter ID campaigns…the list goes on.

    • 3
      tschmidt Says:

      a demonic personality—better than lee Atwater!

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