Violence–American as apple pie


In China the same day as the Sandy Hook massacre a deranged man attacked 22 school kids with a knife. Guess what?  Nobody has died.The sad man had no assault rifle


Why can’t Americans add 2 and 2?


Instead we have medical experts on the Piers Morgan show prattling on about “mental illness.” What a waste of time.In a country of over 300 million, you will find lots of mental illness.Especially in a culture which glorifies violence. “As  american as apple pie,” as Rap Brown said. There is “permission giving” everywhere in a deeply sick culture.This is a culture which OKs drones dropping out of the air regularly—in some Asian land; which invades other nations on no pretext and murders hundreds of thousands; that produces violent films on a regular basis, that glorifies football as a legitimate sport and leads the world in most social pathologies.


So mental illness is here to stay. Accept it.


But lock up the guns! In China you can’t get them.In Connecticut a kindergarten teacher had three automatics in her house.And she died by one of them.


Barbara Demick in the LA Times wrote that bloggers in China were praising their country’s strict gun laws in the wake of both incidents. Demick wrote:


Zhang Xin, a prominent real estate developer and one of the wealthiest women in China, deplored the lack of political will in the United States.


“Really, why can’t these politicians put aside their difference and prohibit the sale of firearms?” wrote Zhang Xin, in her widely followed microblog on Sina Weibo.


And there’s poor Obama wringing his hands muttering about “hugging his children”, the same line he used last time a mass murderer got loose.. What a weak response.


Who has the guts to refuse NRA money and enact serious gun control?









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