Thank you, Charles Darwin


Darwin set us on the evolutionary path, the sine qua non of understanding  God and Jesus in an evolutionary world. Teilhard insisted that God was more the Omega than the Alpha, always luring us onward, always ahead of us. Christians have always borrowed  from the culture and December 25 is the classic example.

 Christmas 2012

 (The Divine Unfolding)

Through your own incarnation, my God,

All matter is henceforth incarnate

Teilhard de Chardin

Christmas melts the coldest hearts

The shortest day and the longest night

Dancing, feasting, fires and tarts

moves our inner axis to the cause of right.

The old Romans scoured the sky

for the first signs of lenghtening day

missed the babe emerging from the sty

and a deeper clue to the life-giving way.

Those clever folk of yore wisely scanned the stars above

filaments of mystery in a cosmos  frightening

missed the miracle of Word made flesh. Love

incarnate, a new creation, the deepest truth of things.

Winter solstice, December 21 and four days later on

Lo the renewal of light, the naked eye espied

The very birth day of Sol Invictus,Unconquerable Sun

“We’ll take it for the risen one” we cried.

We continue to gather two millenia now, an Advent gestating

We have seen something fresh, a new way of being

The  mystery of Christ, new patterns unfolding

The  Galilean points to a new way of seeing.

Wassail and rejoice; Hope has bought us gifts galore

Reconcilaition, forgiveness, compassion beyond compare

Tears, kindness, justice, peace and much much more

A heart attuned to the stars and grace, grace everywhere.



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