Ignoring the Holy Spirit, the sacred is in the secular


Tens of thousands of climate activists marched in Washington D.C.on February 17. A theological reading of this action suggests that the Divine Presence, active since the great flaring of the Big Bang and never contained to a large degree in the world religions, was not only here but is active in movements which incarnate  the “presence”. Right relations, compassion, social justice, planetary and cosmic loyalty and concern are all hallmarks of what the creative Spirit is doing. Within theological circles, the forgotten person of the Blessed Trinity, the Holy Spirit, long neglected is making a big comeback.

it is in this area that “religious” people need to awake, a constant admonition of Jesus and Buddha, Dualisms need to be junked—sacred and secular in particular, religion and politics another. The truly Holy seems to have bypassed institutions like the Catholic church consumed as it appears to be at institutional levels by inward looking ephemera such as religious behaviour, church admin, church attendance, papal elections. The NEW seems to be passing us by. Pope Benedict (April 15,2006) was correct when he described Jesus resurrection as a qualitative leap in the history of evolution.” This Spirit Force Jesus named “the kingdom”. It was not his. It produced  him.” It” has been coming for 14 billion years.He was open to it and it is intended for the whole cosmos, the macro and the micro, Those around Jesus were captured, charged with with this new (but old) energy. Jesus never proclaims himself but this elusive “kingdom.” New patterns of relationships (The  resurrected Christ begin to infuse the Roman Empire. This still continues but it has moved beyond religion yet religion can re-appropriate this energy field. This is catholic (katholikos) in that it “makes whole”—as Jesus miracles, exorcisms  however we define them, do. This is extraordinarily hopeful and exciting, this potential future for the Church if we can grasp it. But we are not alone in not yet understanding this cosmic reality.



The corporate media totally downplayed the presence of thousands of activist who converged on Washington (no bishops in attendance) to protest the Keystone pipeline, the conduit of Alberta’s “dirty oil.” There were of course other religious leaders and probably many traditional “believers” too. Bill McKibben (350.org)  used an interesting metaphor, not too dissimilar to the theological reading above when he said, those present were “the antibodies kicking in as the planet tries to fight its fever.”

This huge climate change action, decades in the building received scant attention in the huge media corps. This was well documented by Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting (FAIR).  in the US.ABC News-43 words, CBS  Evening News -49 words, NBC a whopping 63 words. The NY Times shuffled this off to the Business Section( God’s business?) The Washington Post did better and CNN’s anchor Deborah Feyerick said “History is being made in Washington. Thousands marching for more action on climate change.”

FAIR’s conclusion was more to the point:

Indeed, it was a historic action. And when history looks back on how we responded to the climate change crisis, the fact that most of the corporate media missed its importance will be remembered.

And what about the Church?


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    wmgrace Says:

    Just an update around the Keystone XL Pipeline debate…

    “We’re gonna get a whole helluva lot more done…on climate change…keep the faith…” – Joe Biden (not being a loose cannon, I hope), recently at a climate change forum.

    The probability has gone from a 50/50 proposition, to say 60/40 that Barack Obama will actually reject the Keystone XL pipeline, according to Joe Romm a climate change guru in the US. That seems to be the accepted wisdom. According to Romm, there are three key indicators which point to a rejection of the pipeline.

    Firstly, there are the direct statements which President Obama made at his second Inaugural Address. Those who parse these things said that more time was devoted to environmental issues/climate change, than any other specific topic. Obama made several references to God’s planet and the nation’s moral imperative to exercise intelligent stewardship of it.

    Secondly, there was in his State Of The Union Address, further emphasis on the environment and the US role in addressing climate change. Again, Obama suggested that ignoring climate change is simply immoral, and that good stewardship was part of God’s plan.

    Thirdly, he appointed John Kerry as Secretary of State. Kerry is on the record as saying a number of things about climate change. For example, he said that “there is a conspiracy of silence…and a story of disgraceful denial…” about the real and life-threatening consequences of climate change. He urges immediate action to slow down global warming “for the common good and future generations”. He also said that there is “a conspiracy to demonize any kind of constructive discussion…” about global warming. He made these statements during a Senate speech. That pretty much tells you where John Kerry stands. And since it is now his department which will review and make the recommendation to Obama, it seems unlikely that he will back down. In other words, his desire for the US to be a world leader when it comes to cutting green house gasses, should translate into a negative decision on the Keystone XL pipeline. Although Obama could overrule the State Department recommendation, that would also be unlikely in view of his recent statements.

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