The American myth


There are myths and there are myths.

One of the most perduring is the American myth of “exceptionalism”. We not the Jews are the chosen people.We live in a shining city on a hill. Whatever our government does it is based on nothing but altruism. We are the world’s freedom fighters.

This played out last night on the oldest  show  of them all 60 minutes.

This segement was about a sad young man named  Clay Hunt one of 349 American vets who killed themselves in 2011.

“He loved being a Marine” the narrator told us.

He went to Afghanistan and Iraq .Saw friends die in front of his eyes. As a buddy said, “That was his job and he did it.”Then he got shot in his wrist and got a Purple Heart. As an act of atonement went to help earhquake  victims  in Haiti. he was a good person.

PTSD (Post  traunmatic  stress disorder) was the result—depression, panic attacks and sleeplessness.

He bought the marine BS that you should not have PTSD.That was your job.

A sensitive young man, the  deaths haunted did the war.

“Marines are at war and Americans are at the wall”,h e told his parents.

Off to Haiti.He used his military skills to build up the human community.

Medicated, his marriage crumbling he descended into a spiral which he never came out of.He shot himself age 28.

The shock was that his friends, his parents felt they did not do enough to help him. They all blamed themselves—the marine brotherhood could not help him. His death to them was a mystery. They never analyzed  the destructive myth  that he bought into.That was totally unexamined. One said, “We’re veterans, we did great things for our country.”  Really?

Nobody dealt with the  lies his country is built on.He went to war.It must be good because his country was in it.

he should have listened to great Americans like Dick Cheney who got 5 deferments from Vietnam but was gung ho about sending kids like Clay Hunt into combat.

Unexamined myths will kill you.



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